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free of postage

Aguinaldo German Navy consulat post -4.99 soldiers mail -4.99 civil post -4.99 sold. mail Sta.1 free of postage postage due penalty official Mail Sta.1 civil post Sta.1 Mil.Sta. 2-6 Mil.Sta. without No. civil PO 1900-1906 postage stamps

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free of postage by sender - receiver had to pay for

this possibility was allowed during the period of 1899-1-25 until 1900-7-26 (without penalty fee)



Mil. Station No 1 Manila

1899-1-5    US 2 cts postage due stamp issue 1895


1899-7-7    postage due 2 cts

endorsed by Stephan R. Wood, Chaplain - 23rd US Volunteer Infantry


1899-11-12    US 2 cts postage due stamp of 1895

4th US Cavalry


Mil. Station No 3 Iloilo

1900-1-6    without any postage due remark

Co. L, 19th US Infantry


Mil. Station No 4 Cebu

1900-3-26    2 Cents postage due

sender B. J. Maynard - Co. D, 44th US Volunteer Infantry

endorsed by W. F. Steschner - Army N.Y. YMCA


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