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Mil.Sta. without No.

Aguinaldo German Navy consulat post -4.99 soldiers mail -4.99 civil post -4.99 sold. mail Sta.1 free of postage postage due penalty official Mail Sta.1 civil post Sta.1 Mil.Sta. 2-6 Mil.Sta. without No. civil PO 1900-1906 postage stamps

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starting May 1899

Mil. Stations without numbers


Mil. Station San Fernando (Union or Pampanga - who knows?)

1899-7-30    US postal stationary envelope

General H.W. Lawton had been killed at San Mateo on Dec. 19th, 1899


1900-3-13    US postal stationary envelope

sender B. J. Oswald - 22nd US Volunteer Infantry


Mil. Station Dagupan


sender 1st Lt Leo. T. Bowman 36th US Volunteer Infantry



sender 1st Lt William B. Graham - 36th US Volunteer Infantry at Aguilar


Mil. Station Zamboanga


Co. M, 31st US Volunteer Infantry


Mil. Station Angeles


sender Arthur Ritnour - 2nd DIV Field Troop


Mil. Station Railway Post Office Dagupan & Manila SOUTH

1900-3-14    postal stationary envelope serie 1899-8-18 (SOUTH on bottom)


1901-2-11 (SOUTH on top)

Co. F, 22nd US Volunteer Infantry at Arayat


Mil. Station First Reserve Hospital Manila

1900-3-28    postal stationary printed wrapper


Mil. Station Nueva Caceres


sender E. C. Stuart - Co. L, 45th US Volunteer Infantry



sender Sgt L. B. Burford - Co. E, US Signal Corps


Mil. Station Jolo

1900-1-9    postal stationary envelope serie 1899-8-18 to British North Borneo


Mil. Station Vigan


sender John Dunford, Capt & Quartermaster Vigan


Mil. Station Malabang


sender Harry B. Knauer - Co. E, 11st US Volunteer Infantry


Mil. Station Camp Marahui


sender John C. Lambert - Co. D, 22nd US Volunteer Infantry


Mil. Station Camp Overton


inside official letter of Office of the DEPOT QUARTERMASTER


Mil. Station Camp Jossman

1904-9-26    receiving stamp Mil. Station of 1904-11-8


Mil. Station Camp Keithley


Sgt 1st class A. J. Murphy - H. C.


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