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postage due penalty

Aguinaldo German Navy consulat post -4.99 soldiers mail -4.99 civil post -4.99 sold. mail Sta.1 free of postage postage due penalty official Mail Sta.1 civil post Sta.1 Mil.Sta. 2-6 Mil.Sta. without No. civil PO 1900-1906 postage stamps

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postage due


Mil. Station No 1 Manila


1899-4-4    postage due 14 cts: double weighted letter 7 cts left - no military relationship; so double = 14 cts had to be collected (the 2 cts postage due issue Sept. 1895; the 4x 3 cts postage due issue April 1895)

forwarded to Portland


1899-8-7    US postal stationary envelope -  postage due 6 cts; 3 cts left because of no military relationship; so double = 6 cts had to be collected



1900-3-30    english and french postage due markings; french 50 centimes postage due stamp

Capt. Joseph W. Glidden - 46th US Infantry


Civil marking Manila

1900-9-27    post card, but handled as letter because of the write ups on reverse and no military relationship; 3 cts left = 15 French Centimes = 12,5 German Pfennigs; double had to be collected = 25 German Pfennigs


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